Selvaggia Alazraki | Vanessa
Selvaggia Alazraki | Vanessa


    The Vanessa is a printed velvet bolster with a smaller diameter, making it light and easily portable, also a beautifully delicate feature when placed as a cushion on a daybed or bed. Due to its shape and being densely packed with natural Kapok; when used as a bolster it focussed on your spine for a more concentrated stretch.

    Charcoal grey
    Length 63cm
    Diameter 18cm
    Height 18cm Height
    Weight 800 gr


How to use


This position is always a good one! It helps open the belly and the hips, and is good for digestion so perfect for after having eaten.


Place the bolster along the spine. Sit one hand away from it. Join the soles of your feet and lie down.


Put a pillow under your head and neck. Palms are facing up. Relax your mouth and jaw and all your body.


Observe how your belly expands and relaxes at the same time.