Selvaggia Alazraki | Uma
Selvaggia Alazraki | Uma
Selvaggia Alazraki | Uma


    The Uma is tailored to sit comfortably as a design piece in the home. The haute version of the Giada pillow, it has an oval shape, densely packed with natural Kapok, perfect for home use as part of your yoga practise, or as a design pillow in your living space.

    Sunset orange/Royal purple
    Length 68cm
    Diameter 27cm
    Height 15cm
    Weight 1000gr


How to use


Place the bolster 20cm from a wall. Sit on the side and try to make your buttocks touch the wall, while putting yourself into position.


Try to keep your sitting bones as close to the wall as possible, let your pelvis rest onto the bolster.


The arms could be in a T shape or overhead. Try to stay in this position for 5 to 10 minutes.


Release from the position by crossing the legs on the wall and staying there for one minute. Then put the soles of the feet against the wall and slide backwards until your legs rest on the bolster once again. Relax.