Selvaggia Alazraki | GRETA
Selvaggia Alazraki | GRETA


    The Greta was designed from the original bolster with a cylindrical shape. The complementing colour palettes in organic cotton velvet make the Margherita a beautiful addition to your living space, as well as assisting during your daily home yoga practise.

    Tuscany yellow/Antique rose
    Organic cotton
    Length 66cm
    Diameter 20cm
    Weight 1800gr


How to use


This position is always a good one! It helps open the belly and the hips, and helps digestion so perfect for after having eaten.


Place the bolster along the spine . Sit one hand away from it. Join the soles of your feet and lie down.


Put a pillow under your head and neck. Palms face up. Relax your mouth and jaw and your entire body.


Observe how your belly expands and relaxes at the same time.