Selvaggia Alazraki | Lulu


    The Lulu design is one of the most popular shapes seen in yoga schools today. Its large surface area and cuboid shape, which is densely packed with organic cotton, makes it a perfect body support cushion as well as a less invasive and soothing bolster.

    Sage green
    Organic cotton
    68cm Length
    30cm Height
    Depth 10cm
    Weight 3000 gr


How to use


Sit in front of the bolster with your legs crossed and gently lower yourself onto the bolster, with a pillow under head and neck.


For a passive and relaxing opening position your arms alongside the body with your palms facing upwards. .For a more active stretching cross your arms holding on to your elbows over your head.


Remember to change the crossing of the legs and the arms after 5 minutes.


Try to distance your shoulder blades from your ears, and feel the stretching from the hips to the armpits.