Selvaggia Alazraki | GRETA Atelier
Selvaggia Alazraki | GRETA Atelier

GRETA Atelier

    The Greta was designed from the original bolster with a cylindrical shape. The complementing colour palettes in organic cotton velvet combined with hand stitched embroidery make the Greta a beautiful addition to your living space, as well as assisting during your daily home yoga practise.

    Rose Pink/Orange Peel
    Organic cotton
    Length 66cm
    Diameter 20cm
    Weight 1800gr


How to use


Place two bolsters horizontally.


With your leg bend place one bolster under your torso, touching the lowest corner of your shoulder blades, and the other under your head and neck.


Straighten your legs only if the lumbar part of your back is not painful.


Relax and let your shoulders rest towards the floor .To come out bend your legs and roll on to the right side on the coming out position.