SA Cushions culminated from realising a certain void between interior design and wellbeing. Her cushions fill the desire to have aesthetically pleasing and high quality decorative pillows, made from organic and natural materials in your home which also function as part of a your daily meditative or yoga routine.

SA’s ambition is to spread the benefits of deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation and body fullness, bringing the tools to do so from the closet into our living rooms.

Our daily lives generate too much compression in our spine and hence in our breathing and state of being. The bolster or zafu pillow becomes an instrument of effortless joy that pleases the eye and the soul using gravity as a tool for elevation and expansion.

2020 its nice to have a love for yourself - pose to connect to breath to innerself, in the end your house is your temple. soul breath and body - in house not in outside studio, daily routine.

The cushions come with an accurate and beautiful user guide with several illustrated positions for the novice and the yogi alike. More positions are available online. Meditation music and coaching will be available on a dedicated app, (coming soon).

Selvaggia has fifteen years of experience working as a stylist for brands such as Gianfranco Ferre, Marie Claire and Flair Magazine. Alongside her styling career SA completed extensive training in Florence over three years as a yoga instructor. Expanding on this passion she spent the a year in the Himalayas and Pune where she was blessed to experience the teachings of BKS Iyengar.

Iyengar discovered and taught hundreds of followers that props, like bolsters and zafu pillows help achieve instant spine relief and open the body up to create space within us, a skill that used to take yogis years of training, now attainable in an amount of minutes at home.

To bring these products to light SA has travelled extensively to acquire antique textiles from Kyoto, Bali, Marrakesh and LA. Now based in Milan SA designs her collections inspired from traditional Indian household props, harmonising colours with textures and handmade finishings, whist maintaining the dexterity and weight needed for wellbeing rituals.

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Selvaggia Alazraki